TEDxUNebrija 2021


This is our 2021 call to action driven by the belief that we are facing a global crisis. This has been building up for decades and resulted in dramatic climatic events, unfolding on front of our eyes well beyond climate change into every aspect of our lives: Australian bush fires, melting of glacier ice caps, droughts, rapidly rising of ocean temperatures, extreme weather events, hostile working environments, and war resulting in millions of displaced families seeking shelter.

We are pressing the REBOOT button on our planet within our lifetime, bringing together a series of experts across multiple disciplines who pursue to outline a new and innovative approach to living. Using state of the art technologies, we dream of building a world in which our homes, lives and planet awareness are smarter, and we aim at shaping a new blueprint for cherishing this Earth. It’s a conversation, it’s our effort to illustrate how we can live, as opposed to how we do live. Join us. Join our conversation and help us REBOOT the planet in April 2021.

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